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Our Services

Eagles' Wings offers a wide variety of services assisting in personal spiritual growth and healing. We believe that Christ is the healer. It is in Him, through Him and with Him that those who come seeking are helped and healed. Eagles' Wings has been in the community for over 30 years, and is staffed by Christians who volunteer their time and talents to serve the Lord through counseling, facilitating groups, spiritual direction, clerical work, maintenance, and prayer. 

Christian Counseling

Eagles' Wings offers professional counseling for individuals and families in keeping with Christian principles. The Holy Spirit equips both the counselor and those seeking healing acknowledging that faith plays a vital role. For more information email or call 563-324-7263 for an appointment  (Please leave a message)

Counseling offered on a sliding scale.

Spiritual Direction

The goal of spiritual direction is a closer relationship with God through contemplation. It is the help one Christian gives to another which enables the person receiving to:

Improve communication with God and have a better understanding of God's will in their life becoming better equipped to cooperate with grace and develop and deepen union with God. 

St. Teresa of Avila said that every Christian should be guided by a learned director.

Prayer Ministry

'Freedom in Christ' is a way of praying for inner healing and freedom developed by Neal Lozano and taught by Heart of the Father Ministries in over fifteen countries world wide. Our team at Eagles' Wings is trained in this form of prayer and is ready to pray for you. This prayer will help you if you want to grow closer to the Lord and are feeling blocked, or if you find yourself struggling with the same habits or sin over and over and feel helpless to overcome them. This prayer can help you to break unhealthy patterns and relationships, calm your overwhelming emotions, and bring healthy change to your life. If interested, please call (563-324-7263) or email Marcia (, or click on request for Unbound below.

The Spiritual Exercises

Offered for those who desire to discern God's will for their lives and deepen their relationship with the Lord. The Exercises are given over a period of thirty-six weeks and are commonly called the 19th Annotation. 

Free Will Offering

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Retreats, Prayer Groups, Mass

Retreats and prayer ministry are offered throughout the year. Retreat themes vary and may include:

    *  Seasonal themes

    *  Days of Reflection

    *  Inner Healing

    *  Unbound Prayer

    *  Prayer Groups

    *  Adoration and Mass

Eagles' Wings is available for individuals and small groups who desire to spend a day in silence.

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